The Search for a Spiritual Connection Leads Many to the Kabbalah Centre

Mysticism and enhanced spirituality are two concerns of millions of people around the world who are now looking beyond the traditions of the major mainstream religions in a bid to gain a better understanding of any version of a religious deity that may be followed. The Kabbalah Centre has been showing people the way to a brighter future that is often seen as being more fulfilled than a life lived purely following the rules and traditions of mainstream religion; teachers at The Kabbalah Centre do not pass any judgment on the religion being followed by a student, instead seeking a better way of understanding any religion by gaining a deeper understanding of the entire universe.

Just what is Kabbalah and why should we look to follow this religious belief is a question we have all been looking to answer for a number of years. The Kabbalah Centre itself has been operating for almost a century in a number of similar guises before finally settling on the modern version of The Kabbalah Centre during the 1960s; The Kabbalah Centre itself itself provides a number of options for learning about the secrets of this ancient tradition that predates all modern religions and other scriptures. Kabbalah teachings may have only been transcribed in the 14th century, but they have been passed down within Jewish families since the dawn of humankind.

One of the main attractions for the students of The Kabbalah Centre is the opportunity to explore their own religious beliefs as they seek out the enlightenment that comes along with this form of Judaism. The fact this form of religious teaching predates all major religions means a fresh look can be taken at how different religious beliefs interact as the Kabbalah is taught as the root of every major religious group. In general, the teachings of The Kabbalah Centre allow individuals the chance to explore and understand the universe in a way that is not open to those who are not given the principles and scriptures of the ancient text known as the Zohar to follow.

Jason Hope And The Scottsdale Life

The valley of the sun is one of the most interesting places to visit. For one thing, there is a lot of interesting architecture in the Phoenix and the surrounding cities. There are also different qualities to the cities that make up the Phoenix area. One particular area that is known for its success is Scottsdale. This is an area where a lot of financially well off people and successful businessmen live. Among the successful businessmen that live in Scottsdale is Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and a futurist. He is someone that manages to make the most of what he is given.

Jason Hope is not like what many rich people are believed to be. Jason Hope is financially well off with a purpose. His goals is to bring about as many improvements to human life as possible. In order to do this, he funds many different projects and even gets involved in the medical industry in order to look for ways to treat certain diseases before they begin. There are many diseases that can go undetected for a long time. By the time this disease is noticed, it is too late for the person. This is why Jason stresses the importance of learning about possible diseases and taking preventative measures for it.

Jason Hope continues to do everything he can to improve the lives of others so that they will be able to live more productive and fulfilling lives. He is also someone who is able to teach people who are looking to run their own business. He does this through the articles he writes and the interviews he goes on. For one thing, when one provides the insights that can help others succeed in what they are after, then he has succeed in one of the most profound ways in his career.

Covers.Com Is Never Done With Their Work

Even though the college football season is over and done with, the work of is never done. They are already planning ahead for the next college football season. That is what makes them so special and so unique. They are ready and they are rolling. For college football odds and football odds in general, they can see the trees through the forest and they have a big picture mentality to their website. There are clearly a lot of games during a college football season and a lot of teams. They are ready to handle them all, especially the big ones. They even give attention to the smaller games for NCAAF odds.

For those that are unfamiliar with, here is what makes them the real deal and why they are never done with their work. First and foremost, they have a team of experts on the website that give out predictions and they talk about the games in great detail. Too often, people like to simplify the game. There is nothing simple about NCAAF odds, which is why there are so many upsets throughout the season. People can’t just look at the rankings. They need to look at how teams match up with one another. That is why people love and that is why I recommend them so highly.

They also have tremendous videos which also go above and beyond in telling the whole story of the game. What really stands out about them, however, are their columns. These are updated daily and many times throughout the day. This way, if anything changes, such as an injury to a key player or anything that is out of left field, people are not caught off guard. keeps everyone up-to-date on college football odds. That is why I say their work is never done.

They have their phones on them, they speak to each other, and they have the communication lines open at all times for football odds. This is how they stay ahead of the curve and make bettors and fans alike very, very happy. So many sites, they take days off or they forget to put important information into their predictions. They might see a top ten ranked ten playing a lesser ranked school and just go by the ranking and that is it. is smarter than that and that is why I recommend them. They get all of the little things right.

Lime Crime Makeup: Started As A Need To A World Loved Product

Doe Deere is a fierce entrepreneur who does not believe in compliance. She started her company, Lime Crime Makeup and uses the same philosophy to run it. She embraces color and plays with them to come up with stunning products for the customers that help them embrace their true self and bravery for colours. The Queen of Unicorn speaks to Ideamensch in interview and opens us to her journey from being an artist to now the founder of one of the loved makeup companies in the globe.



Doe’s ambition began at a very small age. With her friends she would organize slumber parties that were all about doing makeup and painting their faces. Unlike other kids, she would always go for screaming colors such as lime, orange and green for her outfits. Back then it was as unfortunate as most people did not have the fierceness to develop makeup with bright colors.



In high school, she continued her desire to make money and venture into music. She would buy temporal tattoos and resell them to her classmates at a profit. When most of her classmates were into parties and other teenage interests, her eyes were always on the price. She moved to the United States from Russia and formed a band.



Doe agrees that running her band was one of the most humbling and yet challenging ventures. From such occasions, she understood and appreciated when people showed up and listened to what they had to offer. This lesson has played a major role in her entrepreneurial journey and how she relates with her customers.



Lime Crime Makeup was started in 2008 after she had a life changing experience. Having lacked a lipstick to fit her outfit, she could not sit around. Instead, she used this as an opportunity to give her clients and the like-minded the product that they wanted. Bright lipsticks that gave people confidence as they walk around. In fact she is one of the first entrepreneurs to develop bright colored lipsticks to the market.



The company’s products are all made from vegan ingredients. The company has been certified by the FDA and assures their clients that they care about the animals. So far, the company has launched several lipsticks. They include diamond crushers, velvetiness, unicorn lipsticks and peerless. All these product come in different colors.



Starting a company and keeping it afloat are two different things. Doe Deere works closely with her team to try and understand what their customers may like. Making products and being sold out in hours or days is an achievement that Doe Deere doesn’t take lightly. With the knowledge she has gathered as a business lady and also as a makeup entrepreneur she has been able to make a great impact in the makeup industry.

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Setting the Record Straight

The technology industry is one that is constantly changing. New technology and new ideas are always happening, and this makes the technology field very competitive. Disputes between companies in this field do happen and can escalate quickly. Securus Technologies is a technology firm that is based out of Dallas, Texas. Recently, their competitor, Global Tel Link, released a press release making many claims against Securus Technologies. Two days later, Securus Technologies put out their own press release to state their side.


Some of the claims made by GTL have to do with patents. Patents and who can use them are the backbone of the technology industry. GTL states that Securus Technologies does not have access to certain patents. Securus Technologies stated that this issue is being decided in a court of law, and neither side is able to stake a claim on the patents at the current time.


Another issue brought up by GTL has to do with security for their video monitoring system. This is a system that is used by corrections facilities as a way for inmates and their families to connect through the use of a computer and an internet connection. Corrections and law enforcement officials monitor these systems. Securus Technologies stated that the issue being disputed by GTL is one issue amongst many in regard to security.


Disputes within the technology industry do happen. When GTL put out their press release, Securus Technologies felt it was in their best interest to respond and state their side. Many of these issues are in the hands of the courts and could take many months to decide. Until that time, Securus Technologies is doing all it can to set the record straight.


WEN Hair Care, The Best on the Market

Chaz Dean’s first passion begin with photography. After attending several photography classes, it caused him to pursue his newest passion which is hair. He enrolled into a cosmetology curriculum which spawned his current career in hair. Dean specializes in both color and in cutting hair.

As he honed his professional hair color and cutting services, he begin his own product line. Chaz Dean’s career and name soared as he excelled in a salon in Bel Air. Dean became manager there and shortly thereafter, he bought his first salon. His clientele varied and included many celebrities. As his success grew, he decided it was time for a change and relocated to Hollywood. His upscale salon offers his celebrity clientele a safe haven from the media.

WEN offers a wide variety of products that can take the place of the many products used to maintain beautiful, healthy looking hair. WEN has a cleansing conditioner that takes the place of 5 different products. WEN is a 5 in 1 cleansing conditioner. You no longer need a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, or detangler. It thoroughly cleans your hair without all the harsh additives found in regular shampoos. It leaves the natural oils within the hair so that your hair is strong, manageable, and soft.

In a study conducted in a 3 week course, users agreed that their hair was better moisturized, had more shine, and reported more manageable hair. The Sweet Almond Mint is good for all hair types and textures. The ingredients in WEN are all natural containing glycerin, chamomile extract, rosemary extract, wild cherry bark, and panthenol. These ingredients moisturize, condition, soothe hair, and strengthen the hair.

People are mesmerized that this one bottle of product can clean the hair and restore balance within the hair strands. It is an instant success with already replacing other hair care products and giving clients the best looking hair while gently cleansing and moisturizing the hair back to its beautiful luster and shine. WEN is easy to use and gives specific instructions on how to incorporate it in your every day hair routine. The product doesn’t lather, but does clean the hair more effectively than traditional shampoos.

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Contributions of Mikhail Blagosklonny to Cancer Research and Anti-aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny holds a position as the chief editor of Cell Cycle and Oncotarget. He is an associate of other publications that focus on the treatment of cancer. He is known for his skills in therapy and biology of cancer on Mikhail is also on the editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation. He is popular for his hypothesis in TOR which seeks to explore the relationship between cancer and aging. He has reportedly used Rapamycin to a carry out his research. Rapamycin is a popular drug used to treat cancer. Mikhail has shown a considerable zeal and approach to finding the latest approach to cancer therapy.

The longevity of cancer treatment research has seen him become labeled as one of the most passionate advocates of the Rapamycin research. Mikhail Blagosklonny research varies from molecular biology, cellular biology to several clinical investigations. He has researched in other sections such as drug resistance of healthy cells, tumor suppressors, cell cycle, and anticancer therapeutics.

Blagosklonny has a thorough understanding of the field of medicine. He earned his Medical Doctorate in the field of internal medicine. He later received a Ph.D. in the area of cardiology and medicine. He was able to attend the Russian Medical University and the First Pavlov Medical University. Blagosklonny’s experience in cancer research at saw him become appointed as an associate professor of medicine at the New York Medical School. He held this position for some time in the year 2002 before earning a position as Senior Scientist at the Ordway Research Institute in Albany, New York. Blagosklonny was able to hold this position until 2009 before he became appointed as Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Institute of Cancer.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has focused his research in the field of cancer and its therapies that protect cells from getting damaged. He is famous for his studies in the area of aging and coming up with anti-aging drugs. During his research, he was able to hypothesize the working of the Rapamycin enzyme. The enzyme is popularly acclaimed for its positive effects in cancer treatment. He was able to see how the drug prolonged the lives of cells and therefore prevented aging.

Jason Hope: The Entrepreneur, Futurist and Philanthropist

Jason Hope was born and brought up in Arizona. He attended the University Of Arizona and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Finance. He later attended W.P Carey School of Business where he obtained his Master’s degree.

Jason Hope has often been described as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor and futurist. He is considered as a futurist due to his belief of how technology will be a major aspect of our lives in the coming years. He has backed up his belief by investing heavily in some of his technological ideas. Jason also has a platform where similarly curious minds may present their tech ideas with the aim of getting funds in cases where the ideas are feasible.

Jason Hope has undeniable interest in technology. It is so much that he has forums where young minds get a chance to showcase their projects. It has also influenced him to donation to technology related organizations. Jason has been involved in the development of mobile apps and computer software that aim at using technology to enhance the quality of life. His interests in technology are paired with his futuristic mindset. Jason Hope is usually concerned with trying to find solutions to future problems with the aim of preventing them from occurring. That way, the quality of life is improved as people are spared from suffering.

Jason has been known to be a philanthropist. He claims that his drive for philanthropy is his belief that the assets he has, no matter how insignificant in the presence of the challenges, can play an important role in improving the future of mankind. An example of his philanthropic acts is his pledge to donate five hundred thousand dollars to the SENS Research Foundation. The funds are meant to facilitate the research facility in obtaining biotechnological solutions to age-related diseases. Such diseases include Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and heart diseases. The aim of the SENS Research Foundation is to redesign the biotechnological field in a way that it aims at preventing the occurrence of these diseases as opposed to finding their cure.

Jason Hope keeps encouraging others to be involved in charity work. He even designed a 4-step procedure that people may use to determine the kind of charity organizations that they would most likely want to support. The steps are: discovering your passions, determining whether they are local or national, determining how you will contribute, and seeking recommendation from friends.

Jason Hope @jasonhope is an example of a national hero who is not only interested in his business operations but also cares about those around him regardless of whether they are friends or strangers.

Achieving Excellent Plastic Surgery Results by Dr. Walden

Dr. Walden is the “go-to” doctor for plastic surgery. There are individuals who struggle to lose weight in order to look their best. They work very hard at taking off those unwanted pounds. They restrict their foods, which can be a great sacrifice. Other individuals both limited what they eat, and they exercise extensively. Their goal is to assure that they are burning more calories than they are taking in. This leads to weight loss.


Finally, they have achieved their goals of losing weight. But their goal of looking gorgeous is compromised by layers of skin. Dr. Jennifer Walden can solve the problem of removing layers of ugly and unwanted skin. Dr. Walden accomplishes the removal of unwanted skin by a series of medical procedures. Dr. Walden analyzes the unwanted skin and makes a plan for removing the folds of unwanted skin. Dr. Walden will proceeds with the surgery.


Dr. Walden did her medical training at University of Texas Medical Branch graduating as salutatorian of her class. She followed her medical degree with a fellowship in anesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She continued working at the hospital in Manhattan for 7 years. At Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, she reintroduced silicone breast implants. She returned to Austin, Texas in December 2001 where she opened her offices in Westlake Hills. Then she opened a satellite office in 2014.


She has achieved significant recognition through academic articles and presentations in the media. Dr. Walden was acknowledged in a Daily Mail article for her work in labiaplasty surgery, and she acted as a spokeswoman for ASAPS. She is well known for her achievement in the use of and further development of advanced technologies in plastic surgery. The advanced technologies include 3-D imaging technologies such as Vectra. Using Vectra, a patient is able to visualize the outcome of the surgery. Dr. Walden uses ThermVa. ThermVa is a temperature controlled radio controlled radio-frequency system. This radio-frequency system is used for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. Dr. Walden has designed and developed breast surgery instruments, and these instruments are sold by Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments.


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The New Way to Wash Hair With Wen

WEN Healthy Hair Kit
Picture 2380

For many years, women have used the same hair washing technique of wash first, condition second. Also for many years, women have been frustrated with dry, brittle hair that breaks faster than it grows. Luckily, an innovation has occurred, giving a boosting change to the hair washing game. These cleansing conditioners are giving everybody something to talk about, as well as soft and healthy hair! These trending hair products are brought to us by WEN, created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean.

WEN by Chaz is a brand known for their two-in-one hair products. The cleansing conditioner is pretty efficient, as it allows you to wash your hair while conditioning it at the same time. Cleansing conditions allow for hair to be washed without stripping the hair of all its moisture, which in effect causes less breakage. Even better is that fact that these hair care products include natural ingredients such as tea tree oil for example. WEN by Chaz’s cleansing conditioners are also free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, leaving hair healthy and strong. WEN hair‘s cleansing conditioners also come in a wide variety of natural scents, such as sweet almond mint, lavender, and tea tree. Unique scents such as fig and cucumber aloe are also available. Another bonus is that these products are easy to find, as is an online retailer of WEN by Chaz.

Not only does this popular brand carry cleansing conditioners, but also other amazing products that are made to leave your hair feeling beautiful. These products would include nourishing mousse, anti-frizz styling cream, and an intensive hair treatment. For those who need a little extra nourishment in their cleansing routine, an ultra-nourishing cleansing treatment is also available. With all of these products offered, healthy, long, and strong hair is finally achievable.

Not only are these products innovative in a way that allows for great hair, but they also save time, as using one product instead of two separate products in the shower is bound to save time! With extra time in the morning (or extra sleep) and one less product, WEN by Chaz hair products are a win-win!

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