Setting the Record Straight

The technology industry is one that is constantly changing. New technology and new ideas are always happening, and this makes the technology field very competitive. Disputes between companies in this field do happen and can escalate quickly. Securus Technologies is a technology firm that is based out of Dallas, Texas. Recently, their competitor, Global Tel Link, released a press release making many claims against Securus Technologies. Two days later, Securus Technologies put out their own press release to state their side.


Some of the claims made by GTL have to do with patents. Patents and who can use them are the backbone of the technology industry. GTL states that Securus Technologies does not have access to certain patents. Securus Technologies stated that this issue is being decided in a court of law, and neither side is able to stake a claim on the patents at the current time.


Another issue brought up by GTL has to do with security for their video monitoring system. This is a system that is used by corrections facilities as a way for inmates and their families to connect through the use of a computer and an internet connection. Corrections and law enforcement officials monitor these systems. Securus Technologies stated that the issue being disputed by GTL is one issue amongst many in regard to security.


Disputes within the technology industry do happen. When GTL put out their press release, Securus Technologies felt it was in their best interest to respond and state their side. Many of these issues are in the hands of the courts and could take many months to decide. Until that time, Securus Technologies is doing all it can to set the record straight.


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