Doe, a Deere

Lime Crime’s Owner – An Inside Look

Lime Crime’s top executive and founder, Doe Deere, attended interviews on July of 2015, and she gave some interesting information regarding her success and what you can do to achieve those seemingly impossible or limitless personal goals in your own life. This uniquely sensational and inspiring self-made entrepreneur has done it all in the world of fashion and beauty, even meeting Prince at one time in her earlier career. One can’t keep up with her business’s accomplishments nor with her continual and ever-surprising change in personal appearance as her hair is painted to a different color every time she is seen in public. What’s a celebrity fashion statement to make without some pizzazz and flair? This lady has all of it and some more.


Sometimes It’s Pink, Sometimes It’s Blue, Sometimes It’s Purple

Interviewers and news journalists never know what to expect from this versatile and constantly creative fashion celebrity, nor what she’ll be wearing. Her top favorite colors are lime green, bold blue, and pretty pink or purple, and they happen to likewise be the ones she most uses to dye her hair on random days to make a fashion statement, saying that beauty comes in many colors. She likewise shows off her beliefs through her company and its numerous product colors. Lime Crime is a top cosmetics brand in the U.S. and even abroad, offering numerous styles, shades, backup liners and even several places to connect online for more extravaganza; Lime Crime has followings on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Tumblr, Pinterest and its own I Love Lime Crime blog site.


Let’s Be Best Friends Forever


Ms. Deere also sponsors her own Let’s Be Friends Forever or Let’s Be BFF’S email newsletter, which is free to all who sign up, and no additional personal details are required. In this email list, subscribers not only have access to newest products and pricing specials, as well as website or account changes and updates applied through the main site,, but they may also receive reminders of upcoming events, free goodies and informational articles as well as recent news related to the company’s current and future direction or even Ms. Doe’s career and recent interactions with the press. Long live the Doe, the founder and creator of the cosmetics Lime Crime rainbow, and the Queen of the Unicorns. Her millions of fans follow proudly.


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  1. I think Doe Deere has taken over my girl and I am not selfish and let her have all the colors and she cannot run away stll. The answers are here at and I am very sure that the lifestyle and beauty reviews are constant to making all the people have their way. People love that they are free to have all the options available to them readily.

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