EOS, The Colorful Path to Lip Health

EOS lip balm comes in just as wide of a variety of colors as they do flavors. Fans of EOS like to collect each flavor of lip balm to re-use the packaging later and for decorative purposes. It’s easy to see why and to understand just how fun it can be collecting tens of colors of lip balms with names like Summer Orange Blossom and Barbados Heat Wildberry. While some of the best EOS lip balms can be found online, the most popular flavors of EOS are available in any place that offers EOS products.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can easily find EOS packs of two or four flavors. This can help provide a variety of flavors that you would otherwise get separately and saving on the cost. Visit and learn more here on blogwebpedia.com. Look at it as buying a new flavor for each day of the week! You can hardly get bored when given the choice between wearing Sweet Mint on Monday and switching it up to something like Honeysuckle Honeydew for the end of the week, see kohls.com. Most importantly, each individual EOS pod is priced the same, so regardless of if its a limited edition type or not, you’re getting a real deal and EOS lasts for a long time even after multiple applications per day.

The Visibly Soft Lip Balm differs from the usual organic type lip balms offered in Sweet Mint and other flavors that most people initially think of when they think EOS, catch more info here. With Visibly Soft Lip Balm, you have the option between three distinct flavors. That would be the creamy Coconut Milk, uniquely flavored Vanilla Mint, and the fruity delicious Blackberry Nectar. Each is packed with a fair amount of Vitamin E and nourishing antioxidants using natural ingredients. The shea butter provides noticeably soft lips and the added Vitamin C does wonders for the skin.


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