EOS Lip Balms Organic Smooth Spheres

Lip Balm is a personal thing. You may have a brand you like to use over others, but you might also want to change your brand from time to time. EOS is a great brand to start with and you might not want anything else once you try their Organic Smooth Sphere Line.



There are several EOS lip balm flavors in the Organic Smooth line to choose from. One of the most popular is the Strawberry Sorbet. This flavor is a sweet mix or strawberry and sorbet to help give it a little extra sweet. The lip balm is also a pink tint that you may find will perk your lips up just a bit.

Blueberry is another flavor that is great in this line. It’s a slight mix of berry but has more sweet than the strawberry flavor. This one comes in a light blue container like the blueberries it tastes like, see products here on walgreens.com.

Passion Fruit is a fun flavor that is also in this line. You will notice it tastes sweet, but a subtle sweet that makes it different from most other berry flavors. This option also comes in a red container that stands out in your bag to make it easy to find.

Sweet Mint is another flavor you will find in this line. The mint in this one is sweet but not too much so it still has the kick you like from your mint flavors. This one is refreshing and good.  Collect and buy products here.

There are several lines you can choose from, but the Organic line is probably going to be the one you see most often, gather information here on blogwebpedia.com. These flavors are just a few of what you may find and what you might want to try. EOS is known for having a wide range of flavors to go with the softness it gives to your lips. What are you waiting for? Get your EOS lip balms today.


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