Paul Mampilly’s Financial Newsletter Hits Subscriber Milestone

Profits Unlimited is financial pro’s Paul Mampilly’s financial newsletter. It recently hit 60,000 subscribers making it one of the largest read newsletters in the financial industry. Profits Unlimited is published by Banyan Hill Publishing and was established in June of 2016.

As a former member of Wall Street, Paul Mampilly built up a wealth of financial knowledge and investing know-how. Over the course of his 20-year career on Wall Street, he had some impressive clients including Swiss private banks, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Templeton Foundation, and a number of Fortune 500 companies. One of the funds he managed in 2008 held $6 billion and was named one of the best hedge funds in the world.

The goal of Profits Unlimited is to allow regular investors access to Paul Mampilly’s stock picking skill set. Each issue of the newsletter highlights one small to mid-sized company and shows how it should be a standout performer in the stock market. He follows this up by keeping track of a couple of the stocks he has picked by tracking them on his online site.

Paul Mampilly does not manage the portfolios of his newsletter readers. They trade the stocks that he selects in their own brokerage accounts. Most of the stocks he has selected have been profitable which is true in 11 out of the 13 open positions he has proposed so far. Some of up really big such as a semiconductor company he wrote about which is up 160% since he wrote about investing in it.

During his time on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly worked for some of the largest investment firms. He started out at Bankers Trust Company which was bought out by Deutsche Bank. After this purchase was completed he became a research analyst at Deutsche Asset Management where he focused on financial, healthcare, and utility stocks.

Another big investing firm Paul Mampilly worked at was ING Fund where he had the role of a senior research analyst. He was the manager of two teams of analysts that specialized in healthcare stocks. In this role, he personally focused on biotechnology and life sciences corporations.

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