How Securus Technologies Has Become Invaluable in Prison

My job as a corrections officer in the local prison is dangerous, that is why we rely on so many resources inside the facility to make it through our day. Not only do I have to work to keep my fellow officers safe, I have to protect other inmates, staff members, and even visitors to the jail. While each of these resources is helpful, one has become so essential that we don’t know how we made it this far without it.


In the recent past, we would make use of body searches in the visitor center to make certain nothing was being transferred from visitor to inmate. We have used drug sniffing dogs to make sure cells are clean each day. We even check the mail so that nothing is getting into the hands of those inmates that they shouldn’t have. However, the most valuable resource we have today comes to use from Securus Technologies.


When the team at Securus Technologies installed the telephone monitoring system we use to listen to all the calls in the jail made by inmates, we discovered we had something that could maintain safety inside the jail like never before. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, will tell you that 2,600 other prison systems are using this same system with incredible results too. Once the LBS software detects conversations from inmates on a number of subjects, we get the alert and take swift action.


There have been several times when we get an alert that an inmate is talking to family about getting drugs. We hear things like inmates talking about smoking drugs at night inside the cell. We have even been able to locate hidden drugs in the yard inmates put there so they are not blamed for keeping illegal contraband inside the jail.


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