Arthur Becker’s Endless Success

Arthur Becker is a well-known businessman and also investor. As a result of being popular, he is also successful. At Madison Partners LLC, Becker is the managing partner. This company majors in real estate growth and Bio-Tech innovations. He worked before as the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC. Apart from that company he also worked at NavSite as their CEO. NavSite is popular for giving internet technology equipment. After sometime Arthur Becker started working as a private investor in real estate and also technology.

Arthur Becker’s good skills and experience from the companies that he worked before helped him to keep taking Madison Partners to greater heights. It has become so successful. Having an interest in technology has pushed him to know about it more so that he can use it to advance in inventions. He is working on initiating fresh information in the Bio-Tech world. he multitasks thus making sure that Madison Partners offers one of the best services to other organizations and their customers. This has helped the company to create more accomplishment. Visit for more info.

Recently Arthur Becker is working on completing his real estate building in New York, Suvillian. In Tribeca, he also has different properties that he is working on. Teamwork is a fact that has always driven him when the success of a business is in demand and therefore he tells his team members to always adhere to it.

His interest in technology and more importantly biotech is to work on the better invention of cancer therapy for the purpose of helping patients who are suffering from the disease. Arthur is working hard to ensure that his goal of better therapy is achieved. To achieve more success, Arthur has also had a close relationship with the employees so that they can work as a team. He is also a very generous man who nurtures young entrepreneurs to do well in their businesses.

According to The Real Deal, he has always been focused on anything new that is on the market as a result he uses this to work hard in the company. Madison Partners is very successful because of the devotion and teamwork of its members.


EOS Lip Balms Organic Smooth Spheres

Lip Balm is a personal thing. You may have a brand you like to use over others, but you might also want to change your brand from time to time. EOS is a great brand to start with and you might not want anything else once you try their Organic Smooth Sphere Line.



There are several EOS lip balm flavors in the Organic Smooth line to choose from. One of the most popular is the Strawberry Sorbet. This flavor is a sweet mix or strawberry and sorbet to help give it a little extra sweet. The lip balm is also a pink tint that you may find will perk your lips up just a bit.

Blueberry is another flavor that is great in this line. It’s a slight mix of berry but has more sweet than the strawberry flavor. This one comes in a light blue container like the blueberries it tastes like, see products here on

Passion Fruit is a fun flavor that is also in this line. You will notice it tastes sweet, but a subtle sweet that makes it different from most other berry flavors. This option also comes in a red container that stands out in your bag to make it easy to find.

Sweet Mint is another flavor you will find in this line. The mint in this one is sweet but not too much so it still has the kick you like from your mint flavors. This one is refreshing and good.  Collect and buy products here.

There are several lines you can choose from, but the Organic line is probably going to be the one you see most often, gather information here on These flavors are just a few of what you may find and what you might want to try. EOS is known for having a wide range of flavors to go with the softness it gives to your lips. What are you waiting for? Get your EOS lip balms today.


Cleansing Conditioners Safe And Healthy For The Hair

     We all go thru the motions of our hair care routine. It typically consist of numerous products starting with the shampoo and ending with a leave in conditioner. Our hair takes abuse daily. The chemicals we use on our hair and scalp is damaging and over time the hair looks dull and frizzy. The reason for this is because the products we use on our hair contains chemicals that strip the scalp and hair free of the oil our hair and scalp produces. While those chemicals clean the hair, they are not good for the hair and scalp.

Cleansing conditioners cleans the hair and scalp without damaging it. It doesn’t strip the oils and it doesn’t harm the hair. It gently cleanses and conditions the hair leaving the pH balance in tact. When the pH in the hair and scalp becomes unbalanced from the use of all the chemically filled products we use daily, it starts to show. Cleansing conditioners restore the pH and restores the lustrous beauty your hair once had.

WEN by Chaz is a popular cleansing conditioner. It replaces 5 products but also does the work of all five products. It cleanses, conditions, detangles, deep conditions, and is a leave in conditioner for the hair. WEN is free of the damaging chemicals most hair care products have. Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN, is a salon owner and cosmetologist that knows the abuse the hair takes and the effects it takes on the hair over time. That is why he created WEN. It was to give people that beautiful, shiny hair with safe products.

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Sawyer Howitt Reaches For The Stars

Sawyer Howitt is a young man with a desire to have a career as an entrepreneur. He became the Project Manager for his father’s company, the Meriwether Group at the age of 17. As the Project Manager, his responsibility is to oversee the projects made by the company. He has the characteristics it takes to be a leader, making him the perfect fit for the position. Howitt shows up to work ready to take on any assignment. Howitt grasps how to work with complex spreadsheets and construct presentations. He knows about the operational and financial sides of running a business. As a result, that gives him an entrepreneurial mindset.


Sawyer Howitt is a second semester senior. Throughout his high school career, he has taken measures to prepare himself for his future. He has a great interest in business, therefore he centered all his studies around business and finance courses. He also participated in numerous administrative internships. He gained customer service experience from working at Kure Juice Bars. His future plans revolves around business, finance, and customer service.

Giving Back

Howitt is a very active member in his community. He strives to make a difference in other people’s lives. He has helped to mentor other youth that were heading down the wrong path. He has also directed many philanthropic courses in support of women’s rights and providing money for education. The list doesn’t stop there. Howitt has been a leader of an international ethnic study group as well.

Future Goals

Education is very important to Howitt, as he is in pursuit of a degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He is preparing for the Entrepreneurial Finance program. However, his ultimate future goal is to help other startup companies and entrepreneurs in their journeys. He is hoping to provide support in a meaningful way.

Brian Torchin Makes Informative Facebook Posts

Brian Torchin just like everyone else has a social media persona whether it differs from others is the question. Brian Torchin is the CEO of staffing at HCRC his job consists of opening and managing different branches of medical offices in plenty of different states. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

So what type of person is he on social media such as Facebook? His posts consist of job openings that are available as they are looking for someone qualified for the job. The jobs he shares range from a variety of different medical professions such as chiropractors, Dental Assistants, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapists and many other unique professions.

These professions range from full to part time and require many qualifications. He is constantly sharing links for these jobs, practically every hour of every day. Brian Torchin has a big role in staffing he provides job availabilities for people seeking a medical career and gives them the chance to build up their career.

When providing these job opportunities around the United States he is opening new medical establishments to areas around the U.S. Torchin inspires many people to become like him because of his dedication to his job at HCRC and his dedication to the medical profession including people’s medical needs.

Brian Torchin even provides his services globally making sure healthcare is a top priority in the eyes of everyone. His dedication worldwide is amazing, as he provides many people with the chance for medical care. Anywhere that lacks medical care will be taken care of in the future thanks to Brian Torchin the medical hero.

Standing Out From the Crowd

Being unique like Madison Street Capital requires a broad base of diversity, the most educated staff and a deep passion to do or complete the work before you. These are the areas we look at when gauging Madison Street Capital reputation. This reputation wasn’t built overnight or by paying large sums of money on marketing campaigns.


Just take a good, long look at what this agency has accomplished, and the rest becomes clear. Madison Street Capital is a stronghold and for many legitimate reasons. Those reasons start with the actual business operations of the agency. They consist of a number of financial services that create a greater whole.


Financial Opinions


As simple as this may seem, it’s not.


Being able to inform a business entity, an individual investor or an entire board is a challenging task. It’s safe to say that those groups or persons looking for advice are knowledgeable also. In that case, offering opinions about money means you’re offering information that results in clear rewards.


Otherwise, the input that agencies like Madison Street Capital employs would mean nothing and only serve to achieve just that. But when the world’s most influential are seeking advice from Madison Street Capital, it’s because we all know of the track record.


Mergers And Acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions are roughly the same thing and in the same industry.


These transactions occur when one large company seeks to buy the ownership of another or when two companies unanimously agree to come together and become one organization. We saw this recently as Madison Street Capital made headlines for its current work.


That work was between two giant technology groups who were able to cohesively become one entity with the objective of earning more leverage, power and money in its industry.




We now have to take a deeper look into the leadership of the Madison Street Capital. No agency, business or person is perfect. Yet there are steps we can take to overcome our limitations as human beings. It all starts with the leadership of the firm’s CEO Charles Botchway.


And so the legacy continues. …


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EOS, The Colorful Path to Lip Health

EOS lip balm comes in just as wide of a variety of colors as they do flavors. Fans of EOS like to collect each flavor of lip balm to re-use the packaging later and for decorative purposes. It’s easy to see why and to understand just how fun it can be collecting tens of colors of lip balms with names like Summer Orange Blossom and Barbados Heat Wildberry. While some of the best EOS lip balms can be found online, the most popular flavors of EOS are available in any place that offers EOS products.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can easily find EOS packs of two or four flavors. This can help provide a variety of flavors that you would otherwise get separately and saving on the cost. Visit and learn more here on Look at it as buying a new flavor for each day of the week! You can hardly get bored when given the choice between wearing Sweet Mint on Monday and switching it up to something like Honeysuckle Honeydew for the end of the week, see Most importantly, each individual EOS pod is priced the same, so regardless of if its a limited edition type or not, you’re getting a real deal and EOS lasts for a long time even after multiple applications per day.

The Visibly Soft Lip Balm differs from the usual organic type lip balms offered in Sweet Mint and other flavors that most people initially think of when they think EOS, catch more info here. With Visibly Soft Lip Balm, you have the option between three distinct flavors. That would be the creamy Coconut Milk, uniquely flavored Vanilla Mint, and the fruity delicious Blackberry Nectar. Each is packed with a fair amount of Vitamin E and nourishing antioxidants using natural ingredients. The shea butter provides noticeably soft lips and the added Vitamin C does wonders for the skin.


Anthony Petrello Funds Children’s Neurological Research

One might expect one of America’s most highly paid oil executives to flout his earnings with flashy cars and clothes, but Nabors Industries’ CEO Anthony Petrello spends much of his $15 million annual salary on his youngest daughter. Although he is a doting dad, he’s not spoiling 8 year old Carena. He’s merely providing for her the best quality of life possible.

Carena Petrello arrived at 24 weeks weighing a mere 20 ounces. Doctors fought to save her life, then to salvage her sight and heart. Diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), a condition common among preemies caused by a lack of blood flow or oxygen to the brain, she also developed cerebral palsy. Confined to a wheelchair, Carena fights to achieve small developments considered normal in a child’s growth. Although she did speak as a toddler, she lost the ability at age five. Last September, she mastered chewing and swallowing solid food. Now, her parents proudly watch her eat breakfast on her own each morning and more information click here.

Anthony Petrello’s first reaction was to problem solve. He may head the largest land-based drilling company in the world, but he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Yale in mathematics, followed by a Harvard law degree. Yet when he searched for help for his youngest child, the world’s leading experts met him with little hope. One told him to find a good estate planner. Frustrated to discovery little neurological research for infants and children, he and wife Cynthia, a retired actress, funded the research at the nearby Texas Children’s Hospital. They actively fundraise for TCH. The couple committed to a $7 million gift of their own. They’ve donated $5 million of that to date to help Carena and children like her reach their full potential and learn more about Anthony.

While mom and dad fundraise to help with research, Carena has set her own goals. With mealtimes mastered, the young lady described as pure of heart, strong, and determined wants to re-learn to talk. She is also determined to walk someday and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

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Jeremy Goldstein and Corporate Governance

There is an online service for nearly everything now a days. And now there is an online service that connects you to lawyers. If you’re familiar with the New York State Bar Association then you might be familiar with it already. If not, the New York State Bar Association has been matching lawyers with people with legal inquiries for years. How many years? They are now going on over 35 years of service. In these 35 years they had formerly only worked off a telephone line that fielded an amazing amount of calls but now after teaming up with it is possible to utilize their services via an online portal. And it’s really quite easy.


People in need of legal help really don’t have to go through all that much trouble any more. If you’re in the New York State area that is. All that is required is for the person to fill out an online form detailing to an extent what type of legal guidance they are in need of. After this the New York State Bar Association matches the possible client with someone fitting of guiding them in their legal jam. All lawyers registered in the service are in good standing. How do I know this? The New York State Bar Association reviews all lawyers to make sure they are in good standing before making their services applicable.


Jeremy Goldstein is a very smart and busy man. He holds 3 degrees all from 3 different prestigious schools. He also runs his own law firm Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein is also a partner in his own firm.


Jeremy Goldstein has been in charge of many business acquisitions. He has guided acquisitions for companies you and I have been customers of. His expertise in this are has led him to serve a long list of big businesses.

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EOS Lip Balms Will Make you Smile

EOS lip balms are made from organic and natural ingredients so you can feel good about using their products on your body. The fun EOS orbs come in many different flavors that will entice you and delight all five of your senses. EOS orbs are even available in different varieties such a s Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly soft Smooth Spheres, and Shimmer Smooth Spheres. If you like the tube form over the orb-shape, then there are also Organic Smooth Sticks. Check here,


The Organic Smooth Sticks are available in Sweet Mint, Vanilla Bean, and Pomegranate Raspberry. They are 95% organic, and 100% natural and are made with shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.


The EOS Organic Smooth Spheres come in exciting flavors like Passion Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Sweet Mint. They are also available in Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. They are made with shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil and are 95% organic and 100% natural. Shop on


The Shimmer Smooth Spheres come in Pearl and Sheer Pink and will add a little touch of shimmer and a nice pink hue. These spheres will moisturize your lips with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter for hours and hours. Helpful link here.


The Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres are 99% natural and are infused with vitamins C and E. They will nourish your lips with natural conditioning oils and smoothes on clear.


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EOS lip balms are made with only natural ingredients and with care. They are meant to not only nourish your lips, but to also make you feel great when you use EOS products. EOS lip balms are one-of-a-kind and will pamper your lips all day long. They are refreshing and there is a flavor for every personality and occasion. It just may be hard to choose your favorite one.