American Actress Crystal Hunt: From Pageants to The Movie Screen

Crystal Hunt was born in the Florida town of Clearview. She sustained her career in pageant competitions at the young age of two. Presently, Crystal Hunt is known for her role as Lauren in the film “Magic Mike XXL”. The 2015 film grossed over 120 million dollars worldwide with a budget of 14.8 million dollars.

Prior to playing her role as Lauren in the 2015 film “Magic Mike XXL”, she expanded her acting experience further onto the big screen. She accomplished this by portraying the role of Jill in the 2005 film “The Derby Stallion”.

Next, FamousBirthdays writes that Hunt was hired to portray a girl named “Dinky” in the film “Sydney White” in 2007. Crystal Hunt joined in the longtime soap opera “Guiding Light” for three years from 2003 to 2006. “Guiding Light” is a Guinness World Record holding television show that existed from 1937 to 2006.

In 2015, she worked on two separate projects in film and television. Hunt portrayed herself on an American reality TV show “Queens of Drama”. During the same year of working the reality show she worked as an executive producer in for the 2015 film “Talbot County”.

Prior To Films

Actress Crystal Hunt is an American actress who has experienced such success by donating her time to different charities and working on different television sets. Hunt began her career at six months of age, and is remembered for her role of “The Daughter” in the 1991 film “Problem Child-2”.

After she gained extended experience in 1991, she began to act in television national television commercials. In addition to playing her well-known role on the TV show “Guiding Light” portraying as “Lizzie Spalding”, she was a guest star on the soap opera “One Life to Live” as “Stacy Morasco”.