Lori Senecal: A Soon-to-be Titans of Industry

When you think of big, global executives, you probably think of names like Jobs, Gates, and Bezos. This is for good reason. All of these individuals helped to shape their industry and innovate to beat out their competitors. The companies they helped create are now world leaders. One name that we often do not think of, however, is Senecal. If Lori Senecal keeps on the same track that she has been riding on in the past decade, however, she will be right up among the other greats within the next few years.

Lori Senecal was born to a middle-class family in Canada. She had three other siblings, so getting the attention of her mother and father was difficult. She had to learn negotiation and innovation skills from an early age, and constant conflict with her siblings taught her conflict resolution years before her other classmates. When she went to McGill University she had no idea what she wanted to major in. She soon fell in love with marketing and started her journey to becoming one fo the most successful advertising executives ever known.

Senecal started to gain some of the spotlight in the advertising industry with her work at McCann Worldgroup, a global advertising firm. She became a co-founder of TAG Ideation at McCann, and rose to the position of Global Chief Innovation Officer by 2006. One year later, she was the President of McCann Worldgroup in their New York Office. She was seen as an expert in thought leadership and innovation, and she continued to gain experience at an agency that had a global presence.

According to her aboutme account in 2009, she was hired as the President and CEO of Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal, and Partners (KBS+). She led several innovative initiations at the Company and made an even greater name for herself. She operated on the principle that global advertising networks should not be built in the same way as before. She said in an interview with Campaign US that the way these hierarchies are generally structured stifles creativity that is hiding in the bottom rungs of the ladder. She led policies that allowed all employees to submit new ideas, and with this she completely changed the advertising industry for the better.

Throughout her short career, Lori Senecal has been the creator and executive of many companies that have had a global presence. Her groundbreaking work in innovation and creativity has led to many awards and positions to help her further her career. If Senecal keeps on this path, the “Lori Senecal” will become a household name in the advertising sphere. Souce: Fastcompany.

You can also visit her crunchbase account: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/lori-senecal-2#/entity