Karl Heideck Expounds on the Impact of Pennsylvania’s Car Seat Laws

If you are a resident of Philadelphia and you have got a legal matter, then you need to contact Karl Heideck. He is a very successful lawyer with a vast experience in litigation, risk management, compliance, corporate law, and employment laws. When he is not in the courtrooms representing his clients, Mr. Karl has another hobby, blogging. His topics touch on different laws and their interpretations keeping people abreast of any changes in the laws. In a recent post, has delved in Pennsylvania’s new car seat laws.

The law which was enacted in August 2016 states that children below the age of 2 years should be buckled in the rear-facing seat. During the first year preceding its enactment, police have been issuing warnings to non-compliant citizens. However, with the grace period over, it is time people understand the impact non-compliance to the law has on them.

Reports from AAA have indicated that car accidents are the main cause of injuries and fatalities meted on children. The new laws are largely aimed at reducing the chances of children getting injured as a result of auto accidents. On the process, this will also reduce the amount of devastation which is caused to the children and their families.

Pennsylvanian legislators have often than not championed various laws capable of saving lives in different ways. Senators and other representatives from the state have often proposed legislation which is crucial in protecting the youths of the country. Keeping our children safe on the roads is as important as well.http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/08/child-car-seat-law-in-pennsylvania-karl-heideck-explains/

In support of this law include Karen Boback of Harvey Lake and Senator John Yudichak. Karen who has recently become a grandmother cites different case studies that have proven that traveling with toddlers seated on rear-facing seats is very helpful in case of an accident. She says that it protects different parts of the toddlers such as necks, the spine and the head from the impact of any eminent accident. On his part, Senator Yudichack is very optimistic about the law in that it will maximize the security of the most vulnerable members of our community.

The law which took effect officially on 12, August 2017 will see offenders parting with a fine of $125. Guardians must keep children below eight years seated in booster seats until they attain a height of 4feet 9 inches or eighty pounds failure to which they will be fined about $75. In order to be safe with the authorities while traveling with children under the stated ages, one has to comply with such laws to avoid penalties or prosecution.

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