Medical and Mental Professionals Strategy for Online Reputation Management

Maintaining a trustworthy online reputation can be enough to drive you batty, especially if you practice in the psychiatric or medical field. There are some hurdles to overcome. Of all the problems health field professionals deal with on a daily basis, online confidentiality and their reputation are the most difficult to navigate. It has presented medical and mental health professionals with a rather perplexing problem.

How in the world do these privacy-governed individuals deal with third party assessments of their own abilities, without violating client confidentiality? Maintaining credibility and respect can be a daunting task. This is made even more difficult in the exposed world of the Internet. It requires a carefully constructed online reputation management strategy.

ORM is the acronym for online reputation management. It deals with the strategies that businesses and organizations use to shape the public perception of them. Building and maintaining a positive reputation for a product/services focused business, is one aspect of marketing that for-profit companies deal with every day. However, how do professionals address negativity that affects their reputation, when they must guard against the legal ramifications of privacy violations?

Professionals who adhere to client confidentiality guidelines can follow a recommended strategy for managing their online reputation. These measures focus on the idea that it is better to be proactive than reactive. Using the underlying principle that you cannot avoid the issue, the first element is to pay attention to what is posted online about your organization.

You cannot just stick your head in the sand when it comes to online assessments about your professionalism. You need to engage the patients who post reviews, or make comments on social media – be ultimately respectful and professional, but respond, reply and engage. Do not just assume that people will understand your point of view.

When you utilize the tools of social media and online engagement, you are already expressing an encouraging trend for superior customer service. Keep that as critical criteria for all your online communications. Medical and mental health professionals walk a fine line when it comes to violating client confidentiality, so the job of managing an online reputation takes vigilance.