The Life of Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage graduated from The University of Southern California with a Psychology degree back in 1981. She went ahead to get a license to practice psychology in Massachusetts concentrating in Boston. She is renown all over Boston due to her openness and charm that has helped many people change their lifestyles and lead better lives.

Her calm and smiling nature makes people feel at ease around her and hence open up easily to her. Patty Rocklage then puts into use her skills which she has gathered for over 20 years and gives the person opening up to her the best advice that can help their situation. Patty also puts the client under a specialized and flexible program to encourage the individual to follow the advice she has given them.

This way she has been able to save a lot of marriages some of which had completely fallen apart. Her counseling procedures are the best and easy to follow by her clients hence leading them to the make the change they so much need to their lives. Read more: Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn and Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase

Being a professional, she ensures that her client’s secrets are not shared outside her office. This has also gone a long way in making people trust her and open up to her easily. She handles her client’s sensitive information with utmost respect and is always careful not to judge them. She has a great personality that enables her to easily connect with people.

The interaction she has had with people over the years has made her an eloquent public speaker. She from time to time conducts public lectures whereby she gives advice to people on the best way to live together and also share simple problem-solving skills.

Patty has a soft spot for humanity. By doing so, she is involved in many philanthropic gestures concerning different groups of people around the world. Together with her husband, they helped to renovate two labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology last year.

The two labs are fundamental in the research activities carried out at the University. She is also a volunteer at the Sudanese Education Fund, an organization that aims at making the lives of the immigrants from South Sudan easy.

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