Rick Smith Securus Technology CEO;A wealth of technology Experience and Business leadership

Rick Smith Securus Technology CEO;A wealth of technology Experience and Business leadership

Richard A. Smith (Rick Smith) is by all standards a technologically endowed man with a combination of important skills, education, and experience to lead an organization such as Securus Technology. He was appointed to the position of CEO in 2008 and has since recorded significant positive developments.

Securus Technology is involved in the development of technology used for public safety in various fields. Among its important clients is the correction department as well as civil and criminal justice systems. The company has focused on solving crimes and crime prevention measures, going way beyond prison walls to solve crimes committed by incarcerated persons. With over 2000 facilities to serve and an investment in the range of $600million dollars, it goes without saying that the company needs visionary leadership.

Rick Smith is a well-educated man. From the Rochester Institute of Technology, he obtained his associate’s degree and from the State University of New York, he obtained his degree in engineering and his master’s in engineering as well. He studied for his MBA at the University of Rochester’s Simon School.

Over the years, Smith has held various positions of authority, contributing to a good measure of success in several organizations. Between 1972 and 1988 he worked for Global Crossing North America Inc., assuming roles such as a controller and chief information officer. He also headed Midwest Telephone Operations as its vice president and also worked for Network Plant Operations as a Business Development Executive, Director and Vice President of Finance in the same company. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Between 1998 and 2000, Smith was Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Eschelon Telecom Inc.He, later on, took the helm as its president and CEO and is credited with the company’s substantial revenue increase which rose from $30 million to over $300 million during his tenure, leading to a successful IPO in 2005. He stayed with Eschelon Telkom until 2007.

Rick Smith joined Securus Technology in 2008 as president and CEO. One of its biggest competitors has been Global Tel Link. However, by rolling out more products and services, Securus has kept a notable lead. One of its main strengths is its call center run by well-trained employees. Under Smiths leadership, its patents have been cited to the tune of $600 million dollars and boast of the largest VOIP Corrections calling machinery in the world.

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It is evident that Rick Smith Securus has injected an important set of skills and leadership style that is critical in steering the company forward. Having been in finance and immersed deeply in the technological world, he stands a good chance of scaling higher heights. Technology changes rapidly and it is important for companies to remain focused on new developments. With a solid capital base, Securus Technology under, Smith’s leadership stands a good chance to remain ahead of the competition.

Essentials worth Highlighting About George Soros

George was born in Hungary over eighty years ago. He had to struggle with issues during that time, which led him to flee to London. George worked as a porter at the railway in order to put himself through school. At the same time, he also worked as a waiter. Making it through the London School of Economics was by hard work. Luckily, he later managed to start refining his career in finance at merchant bank. In 1969, George made a remarkable milestone. He established his hedge fund of $12 million, which was later re-namedas the Quantum Fund. George then joined hands with Stan Druckenmiller and he shorted the British pound. After that, he registered incredibly great profits and left an indelible mark as the man who broke the Bank of England.

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George’s Philanthropic Activities in Pursuit of Political Reforms

In 2004, billionaire George spent over $27 million on sprees aimed at campaigning against George Bush. More than a decade later, George is slowly re-appearing. He is recognized among the leading financial supports of the Democratic politics. Right now, Mr. Soros is among those who have immensely bankrolled Hillary’s political causes. As well, he has been funding the activities of the Democrats contending for various positions. As the Election Day draws near, it is expected that George will release even more money. The total lump sum amassed by George through riskycurrency markets is estimated at $24.9 billion.

George’s Motivation in Support of Hillary Clinton

George enjoys a good relationship with Hillary. George has committed himself to attending the democratic convention for his first time. He wanted to watch Clinton, with whom they have had a 25-year old relationship. Sadly though, George is actively involved in the currency trades, and his input was required in Europe. From the close observers, George tends to get more into politics than he did in the previous years. Michael Vachon, Soros’ political advisor, said that although Soros has been funding the Democratic initiatives, Clinton’s causes received an exceptionally high funding. Clearly, his donation cannot compare to that of the other elite liberals. Only a few of them have the bellwether of Gorge Soros.

George’s Move in Financing the Undeserved

Apart from just the politically-instigated giving, George Soros also gives towards the less fortunate. Soros has spent over $13 billion on global non-profit organizations for the last over thirty years. Most of them are human rights organizations, as well as those that work towards shaping the Eastern Europe’s democratic process.


George is eighty-five years, but still passionate about just political systems. His pursuits are a real embodiment of devotion to humankind. Very recently George funded End Citizens United, an agency pushing for reforms in the Supreme Court decision.

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Learning About Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of the most important in the overall economy. This particular industry impacts a lot of other people, and there are a lot of investors who invest in this area. Over the past two or three years, many areas of the country have seen a huge explosion in real estate prices. This inflation in price is causing a lot of people to be worried about a potential housing bubble that is on the horizon. Not only will you have to think about this as you look to invest, but it could be an opportunity for the future. Arthur Becker is a real estate expert and investor who love to help other people get started. If you want to start investing in this area, he is a great person to learn from, says ideamensch.com.

Arthur Becker

Not only does Arthur Becker invest in real estate, but he also invests in technology. This is a sector that is a huge area of growth for many industries. Information technology is specifically one of the biggest areas of opportunity in his mind. With all of the information that is available online, having a way to harvest and interpret that information is essential. If you want to learn how to take your life to the next level, learning from Arthur Becker is the way to go. He is a great investor in both real estate and companies, and the lessons that you learn from him can last a lifetime.

Real Estate

Although Arthur Becker does invest in technology companies, real estate is his real passion. Before you start investing in this area, you need to do your research on ways that you can add the most value to your life. A lot of people get caught up in trying to invest for the future, but they never take a long term approach to this decision. If you want to excel at a high level, Arthur Becker is the person who can help you get there. He is the type of person who is always willing to lend a hand to help others getting started.




FullCycle Energy Fund Hires Sam Tabar

FullCycle Energy Fund is an extremely exciting investment group that focuses on saving the planet by investing in alternative fuels that are cheaper and better for the environment. The fund has grown considerably in recent years, and recently, they announced an exciting new addition to their team. FullCycle Energy Fund was extremely excited to announce that Sam Tabar would be joining their team as COO. As Chief Operating Officer, Sam will assume several extremely important responsibilities, but he will primarily focus on the company’s fund management strategy.

Sam is extremely excited about this new opportunity. Recently, Sam gave a statement that highlighted his feelings on joining the emerging company. Sam honored to take on the role of COO, one of the highest level roles he has had in his career. He is looking forward to working with the senior leadership team to change the company for the better. Sam loves the company’s mission of moving away from high-cost fuels and instead focusing on low-cost renewable energy sources. He knows that FullCycle can achieve great things with his leadership.

Sam Tabar has had a long career focusing on both financial and legal issues. He started his career by receiving a law degree from Oxford and has had many stops since. A large part of Sam’s career has been spent focusing on budget strategy. He has worked with companies like Bank of America and Sparx Group. Many companies had him focus on Eastern Asia, and he has built a wonderful specialty for himself by focusing on this area of the world. Sam has dealt with many investment types including endowments, pensions, foundations, and family offices.

Sam Tabar’s financial experience is invaluable, but his legal experience is equally important. Sam has worked with two extremely high profile law firms. During his time with these firms, Sam focused on financial issues and his legal expertise was highly valued. Sam’s career is definitely impressive.

Sam Tabar and FullCycle Fund will have a major impact on the future. Sam hopes to apply his years of expertise to FullCycle’s mission, and he expects major results. The future is looking bright for Sam Tabar.