Wild Ark

There are few travel destinations as life altering, enjoyable, and informational as Wild Ark. As the name suggests, Wild Ark is an eco-conscious conservation center founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. The center employs a huge staff of devoted conservationists who have decided that protecting the world’s wildlife is their purpose.


Wild Ark Travel


Wild Ark is a travel destination the whole family will be able to enjoy. Though many people have lost interest in the wild, the Wild Ark staff does a great job of making the trip exciting and adventurous for even the biggest skeptics.


Wild Ark has no problem allowing guests to get up close and personal with wildlife and truly explore the wild. Guests can participate in a 28 day hike, guided by the center’s African training partners, through the majestic Makuleke concession located in the renowned Kruger National Park in Botswana.


If guests are looking for a slightly different experience they can also choose to hike through the South African bush and camp out under the beautiful star filled night sky. This option is more suited for those who have a strong passion for nature. Experienced African guides and trainers will teach highly valuable survival lessons that can’t be found in any book.


If guests are still looking for a more diverse experience they can choose to visit Alaska Sportsman Lodge. This location is perfect for those who love to fish. Bristol Bay is teeming with a variety of fish . Guests can also visit different rivers by way of the lodge’s private float plane.


On top of everything already mentioned, each Wild Ark destination contributes to the protection and sustainability of that particular ecosystem. Wild Ark is truly a movement for the wild that aims to educate people about ways they can make an impact in the struggle to protect the wild.


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