Lime Crime Makeup: Started As A Need To A World Loved Product

Doe Deere is a fierce entrepreneur who does not believe in compliance. She started her company, Lime Crime Makeup and uses the same philosophy to run it. She embraces color and plays with them to come up with stunning products for the customers that help them embrace their true self and bravery for colours. The Queen of Unicorn speaks to Ideamensch in interview and opens us to her journey from being an artist to now the founder of one of the loved makeup companies in the globe.



Doe’s ambition began at a very small age. With her friends she would organize slumber parties that were all about doing makeup and painting their faces. Unlike other kids, she would always go for screaming colors such as lime, orange and green for her outfits. Back then it was as unfortunate as most people did not have the fierceness to develop makeup with bright colors.



In high school, she continued her desire to make money and venture into music. She would buy temporal tattoos and resell them to her classmates at a profit. When most of her classmates were into parties and other teenage interests, her eyes were always on the price. She moved to the United States from Russia and formed a band.



Doe agrees that running her band was one of the most humbling and yet challenging ventures. From such occasions, she understood and appreciated when people showed up and listened to what they had to offer. This lesson has played a major role in her entrepreneurial journey and how she relates with her customers.



Lime Crime Makeup was started in 2008 after she had a life changing experience. Having lacked a lipstick to fit her outfit, she could not sit around. Instead, she used this as an opportunity to give her clients and the like-minded the product that they wanted. Bright lipsticks that gave people confidence as they walk around. In fact she is one of the first entrepreneurs to develop bright colored lipsticks to the market.



The company’s products are all made from vegan ingredients. The company has been certified by the FDA and assures their clients that they care about the animals. So far, the company has launched several lipsticks. They include diamond crushers, velvetiness, unicorn lipsticks and peerless. All these product come in different colors.



Starting a company and keeping it afloat are two different things. Doe Deere works closely with her team to try and understand what their customers may like. Making products and being sold out in hours or days is an achievement that Doe Deere doesn’t take lightly. With the knowledge she has gathered as a business lady and also as a makeup entrepreneur she has been able to make a great impact in the makeup industry.

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Helane Morrison’s Efforts In Enforcing Compliance Within The Financial Sector

Many people in the United States believed that investigations undertaken in the financial sector were adequate to guarantee their investments. However, this belief quickly changed in 2008 as many investors lost chunks of money that they had invested in securities. The economic crisis exposed the numerous loopholes and malpractices existing in the financial industry. As a result, investors moved away from the industry and those who had invested in them, liquidated their shareholdings. Although it is eight years since the crisis happened, most people are still scared to invest in the financial market. Some investors are investing in alternative areas while others are just saving their hard-earned money instead of investing.

Helane Morrison has dedicated her career to fighting this negative stigma and improving the image of the financial industry through enforcing compliance. These efforts have already started recording positive results. Morrison is the chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC, an advisory firm headquartered in San Francisco. Working for one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco provides Morrison with the opportunity to rescue the public by ensuring accountability, integrity and regulatory compliance of transactions in the industry. This information was originally reported on Hackronym.

In my view, the financial sector is very lucky to have Morrison. She is an assertive, hard working and sharp individual whose moves have lead to positive results in the compliance field. At Hall Capital, she ensures that all investments made adhere to the set federal regulations. This situation has put lots of pressure on the firm’s team of professionals who are constantly on the lookout for any anomalies. Morrison does not only check for compliance but also presses criminal charges against all individuals that break the federal laws.

Morrison has a long history in enforcing compliance. She started her law career in 1986 when she joined Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin LLC. Her hard work saw her being promoted to the position of a partner in 1991. She held this position until 1996 when she left the law firm. During her time at the firm, she was involved in internal corporate investigations, business litigation, SEC matters, and defense of private securities. Before joining the law firm, Morrison worked as a diligent law clerk for Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard Posner. This information was originally mentioned on Hall Capital’s website.

In 1997, Morrison joined San Francisco’s SEC Office. At this office, she was the regional director, a position that gave her the opportunity to enforce regulatory compliance in six Northwest States. In addition, she dealt with fraud cases from large enterprises such as Next Card Inc, Hewlett-Packard, Google and HBO. Morison exposed a multi-million dollar fraud perpetrated by America Amicable, where the company sold false securities to at least 50,000 military personnel.