Kim Dao Taste Tests More Candy and Snacks

If you have a sweet tooth, you can subscribe to Tokyo Treat. They’ll send you a sample box of snacks each month. Kim Dao is opening the September Premium box to give us an idea of what type of snacks  Tokyo Treats sends. Kim Dao remembered when she and a friend had sampled the July box. Tokyo Treat sends along a brochure that lets the customer know exactly what they’re getting.


One snack was from Calbee. They had a bag of a snack chips that contained Wasabi, avocado, and soy sauce. Kim Dao at first thought it contained cooked fish that she hates. These chips smelled like regular potato chips and tasted nasty. The second snack needed to be microwaved and another was a gummy treat you make yourself. Kim Dao found a pack chocolate covered cookies in the shape of fig newtons, only it is filled with creme instead of jelly. Kim Dao sampled what looked like a small biscuit with strawberry filling. The next item Kim Dao tried was like a vegetable cracker shaped like a fork, something squiggly, and a fish. It reminded me of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, but has no special flavor. She tried a creamy candy that was chewy. Dao tried a thin, honey flavored pretzel stick, There was one candy that looked like small pills that taste like cola. Another one was little mounds of garlic and herb. Finally, in the treat box as a grape flavored drink that had to be shaken up.

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