Developing Products That Facilitate Affordable Health Care Products

The cost of living increases as life goes on. This includes the cost of health care. Health care products and services are no longer cheap and affordable. It has reached a point that even the government does not offer aid when it comes to some of the health products and services. We are living in a time where there are many health challenges as compared to the past. There are new health-related complications that affect the way people live, and this draws a keen focus on the need for affordable but quality health care services and products.

InnovaCare Health enables people to access cheap and quality health care products and services. Their products are popular because they are targeted to meet the needs of the poor population who cannot afford quality healthcare in the society. This makes it a useful innovative product that meets the felt needs of people in the community. Richard Shinto leads Innovacare. Richard has academic and expertise in the medical field. He is an authority in the industry because he leads people to an innovative way that engages every member of the team. Learn more about the company at

Shinto has served in different positions of leadership. He has mastered how to lead people in a way that enables them to learn new knowledge to improve themselves. The man leads his group and achieves the targets set for him. Their competitive advantage is their customer service. Their customer service is exceptional. It makes people get health care in a dignified manner. Many companies compromise on quality when they offer cheap products, but Innovacare does not subscribe to such vices. Innovacare medical doctors travel to places where people cannot access Medicare and provide Medical aid to victims.

Working at Innovacare is not all glamorous like it is for people who work at other medical hospitals. It is about making a difference in a person’s life and facilitating a person to live a healthy life. This is what differentiates the human resource capital at Innovacare and those at other places. They serve their communities. They first serve then put a monetary value to the service they offer. This is exceptional at Innovacare. Choosing such type of people requires the wisdom of an individual who has worked with different people and knows the need of serving then charging. Innovacare has employed Penelope Kokkinides as the chief administrative officer who oversees every activity at Innovacare with efficiency so that there is smooth running of activities at Innovacare. Contact details available at

The Curious Mind of Real Estate Agent Samuel Strauch

For people that want to be successful at anything, it is important for them to develop the knowledge and the skills necessary to excel in any given field. However, one is going to have a hard time gaining the needed knowledge without the curiosity needed to gain the knowledge. To go along with the curiosity is an example of someone who has been successful in this field. For instance, there is a wave of people that are trying to get into real estate investing. However, one is going to need more than just a lot of money to break into this market.

One person who has used his expertise to succeed as a real estate broker is Samuel Strauch. He has gotten a lot of education in the markets as well as in business. Therefore, he has a much better understanding on how the real estate market works. He could therefore, use this understanding to his advantage and make tons of profits from his investment choices. He not only has a passion for learning and understanding, but also has a lot of skill when it comes to money management. This is how he manages to build a successful career for himself in the world of real estate.

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The first field he has started in Samuel Strauch’s career was banking. This has helped him learn how to manage finances. Meanwhile, his family owned a real estate company that he has eventually joined. One thing that his banking experience has done for him was make it a lot easier for him to make profits as an investor in real estate. Samuel Strauch is also someone who believes in taking a proactive approach towards making life better for people. He believes that even a small act can make a huge contribution to changes for the positive.

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The Technology to Avert Crime from Securus Technologies Gets Feedback from Happy Customers

Securus Technologies is a Dallas- based company that provides civil and criminal justice solution through technology for investigation, public safety, and correction purposes. We receive comments from prisons and jail officials all over the United States because of our noteworthy technology. These feedbacks are in the form of emails and formal letters.


Our company is proud to help officials who are concerned with solving and preventing crimes, thus making the penitentiary environment a better and safer place to live. Additionally, we have redacted exact references to counties, states, and facility names to protect the innocent.


Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, cited that we develop a new product once a week to help law enforcement and correctional officials. He also noted that the company had received formal letters that pinpointed about our services, which helped to keep prisoners and their families safe.


Selected Comments from Customers


One customer remarked that the technology assisted him to acquire information from phone calls, which enabled him to obtain a search warrant to arrest the corrupt worker in the company. Another client from a correctional facility wrote that his facility had been relying on our technology for more than ten years. He added that he was encouraged to see how the correctional facility’s vendors were adopting the technology. This assisted in revolutionizing the jail environment.


A jail official remarked that Securus’ recent assessment and the establishment of emerging capabilities would assist in the investigation and improve jail security. Further, another client cited that he got help from Securus Technologies when he wanted to take a suspect into custody. A penitentiary official cited that the technology helped them to monitor calls concerned with drug selling, inmate alcohol use, possible access to a cellular device, and threats.


Arthur Becker: Business Man Extraordinaire

The Real Deal recently published an article on one of the most influential men in New York City today. The article was titled, “The Condos Beckon: Arthur Becker Going It Alone On Tribeca Boutique Project.” It was a very interesting piece on Arthur Becker’s latest project, career, and insight to New York City’s luxury residential real estate market.

The article explained how typically Arthur Becker has played financial roles in the real estate industry of New York City. This new project, located at 465 Washington, will be the first one he has designed and developed himself. It is described as being an artisan boutique building and will only offer eight luxury residential units. These units will cost between $5,000,000 and $14,000,000. These units will offer spacious residences that range from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet of living space. He has commissioned the help of a well known New York City interior designer to complete the inside of these luxurious homes.

Arthur Becker’s other current projects and past positions were also discussed in the article. He has held several executive positions at various businesses in the investing, technology, and fashion industries. Some of these companies have included Zinio LLC., Atlantic Investors, LLC., and Madison Technology Group LLC. He was also the senior adviser for Vera Wang for over seven years. He is currently the managing member of Madison Partners LLC., an investment firm that specializes in real estate and bio technology.

According to Curbed, Mr. Becker is a native New Yorker, born in 1950 in Brooklyn. He has lived in the city for the majority of his life. He attended college in Vermont, at Bennington College, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts for ceramics and photography. He also attended business school in New Hampshire at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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Who is Mikhail Blagosklonny?

An oncologist is a medical practitioner who treats cancer and tumors. One of the more famous oncologists is Mikhail Blagosklonny who is a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. Mikhail is currently studying and teaching cancer and aging. He went to the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg where he earned an MD in Internal Medicine. There, he also earned a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology. In 2002, Mikhail was made an associate professor at the New York Medical College. View his LinkedIn profile

Then he went on to Ordway Research Institute and worked as the senior scientist. In 2009, Mikhail became the professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and his research involves mechanisms of aging, anti-aging, and cancer therapies. He credits the different places and experiences he work at in helping him become the excellent professor he is today. Mikhail is also an author and wrote many articles and publications. He wrote theories about controlling aging and he believes cancer will be cured someday. Mikhail works an associate editor of cancer biology and therapy. Mikhail wrote a hypothesis about TOR Signaling potential role in cancer and aging. He recommended using a drug called Rapamycin which is used in treating cancer. Mikhail believes this may be a possible treatment in the longevity research. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s dedication, hard work and passion for his work have contributed to his achievement of becoming one of the biggest names in oncology research. He says that his love for humanity and the vision of curing diseases is what drives him everyday.

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Kim Dao Taste Tests More Candy and Snacks

If you have a sweet tooth, you can subscribe to Tokyo Treat. They’ll send you a sample box of snacks each month. Kim Dao is opening the September Premium box to give us an idea of what type of snacks  Tokyo Treats sends. Kim Dao remembered when she and a friend had sampled the July box. Tokyo Treat sends along a brochure that lets the customer know exactly what they’re getting.


One snack was from Calbee. They had a bag of a snack chips that contained Wasabi, avocado, and soy sauce. Kim Dao at first thought it contained cooked fish that she hates. These chips smelled like regular potato chips and tasted nasty. The second snack needed to be microwaved and another was a gummy treat you make yourself. Kim Dao found a pack chocolate covered cookies in the shape of fig newtons, only it is filled with creme instead of jelly. Kim Dao sampled what looked like a small biscuit with strawberry filling. The next item Kim Dao tried was like a vegetable cracker shaped like a fork, something squiggly, and a fish. It reminded me of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, but has no special flavor. She tried a creamy candy that was chewy. Dao tried a thin, honey flavored pretzel stick, There was one candy that looked like small pills that taste like cola. Another one was little mounds of garlic and herb. Finally, in the treat box as a grape flavored drink that had to be shaken up.

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Medical and Mental Professionals Strategy for Online Reputation Management

Maintaining a trustworthy online reputation can be enough to drive you batty, especially if you practice in the psychiatric or medical field. There are some hurdles to overcome. Of all the problems health field professionals deal with on a daily basis, online confidentiality and their reputation are the most difficult to navigate. It has presented medical and mental health professionals with a rather perplexing problem.

How in the world do these privacy-governed individuals deal with third party assessments of their own abilities, without violating client confidentiality? Maintaining credibility and respect can be a daunting task. This is made even more difficult in the exposed world of the Internet. It requires a carefully constructed online reputation management strategy.

ORM is the acronym for online reputation management. It deals with the strategies that businesses and organizations use to shape the public perception of them. Building and maintaining a positive reputation for a product/services focused business, is one aspect of marketing that for-profit companies deal with every day. However, how do professionals address negativity that affects their reputation, when they must guard against the legal ramifications of privacy violations?

Professionals who adhere to client confidentiality guidelines can follow a recommended strategy for managing their online reputation. These measures focus on the idea that it is better to be proactive than reactive. Using the underlying principle that you cannot avoid the issue, the first element is to pay attention to what is posted online about your organization.

You cannot just stick your head in the sand when it comes to online assessments about your professionalism. You need to engage the patients who post reviews, or make comments on social media – be ultimately respectful and professional, but respond, reply and engage. Do not just assume that people will understand your point of view.

When you utilize the tools of social media and online engagement, you are already expressing an encouraging trend for superior customer service. Keep that as critical criteria for all your online communications. Medical and mental health professionals walk a fine line when it comes to violating client confidentiality, so the job of managing an online reputation takes vigilance.

Lori Senecal: A Soon-to-be Titans of Industry

When you think of big, global executives, you probably think of names like Jobs, Gates, and Bezos. This is for good reason. All of these individuals helped to shape their industry and innovate to beat out their competitors. The companies they helped create are now world leaders. One name that we often do not think of, however, is Senecal. If Lori Senecal keeps on the same track that she has been riding on in the past decade, however, she will be right up among the other greats within the next few years.

Lori Senecal was born to a middle-class family in Canada. She had three other siblings, so getting the attention of her mother and father was difficult. She had to learn negotiation and innovation skills from an early age, and constant conflict with her siblings taught her conflict resolution years before her other classmates. When she went to McGill University she had no idea what she wanted to major in. She soon fell in love with marketing and started her journey to becoming one fo the most successful advertising executives ever known.

Senecal started to gain some of the spotlight in the advertising industry with her work at McCann Worldgroup, a global advertising firm. She became a co-founder of TAG Ideation at McCann, and rose to the position of Global Chief Innovation Officer by 2006. One year later, she was the President of McCann Worldgroup in their New York Office. She was seen as an expert in thought leadership and innovation, and she continued to gain experience at an agency that had a global presence.

According to her aboutme account in 2009, she was hired as the President and CEO of Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal, and Partners (KBS+). She led several innovative initiations at the Company and made an even greater name for herself. She operated on the principle that global advertising networks should not be built in the same way as before. She said in an interview with Campaign US that the way these hierarchies are generally structured stifles creativity that is hiding in the bottom rungs of the ladder. She led policies that allowed all employees to submit new ideas, and with this she completely changed the advertising industry for the better.

Throughout her short career, Lori Senecal has been the creator and executive of many companies that have had a global presence. Her groundbreaking work in innovation and creativity has led to many awards and positions to help her further her career. If Senecal keeps on this path, the “Lori Senecal” will become a household name in the advertising sphere. Souce: Fastcompany.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Take On Listening And Leadership

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman who believes in strong spiritual principles and ethics to guide the workplace and that leaders possess the ability to not only act, but also listen and watch. He embraces Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of not just promoting outer peace in society, but finding inner peace and using silence as part of it.

Eswaran takes joy in philanthropy and was instrumental in starting QI Group’s RYTHM Foundation, a branch of the company that gives back to needy communities and reaches out to children with disabilities, and also includes environmental initiatives.

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran has admired Gandhi’s work and has spoken about philanthropy and spirituality in various lectures at business leader summits and university campuses. Learn more about Viajay Eswaran:

Eswaran co-founded QI Group back in 1998 when he and a team of Asian entrepreneurs decided to make waves in Asia’s direct selling market. Prior to that, he grew up in Malaysia and attended the famous London School of Economics where he got his degree in socio-economics.

Eswaran had a brief period of financial difficulty where he worked various odd jobs to get by, but he soon raised enough money to go to grad school at Southern Illinois University where he got his MBA. He first went into multilevel marketing, QI Group’s model when he started working for the Cosway Group.

QI Group has been the parent company to several businesses including QNet, a wholesale e-commerce and direct seller of jewelry, health and beauty products, automotive tools, water purification systems, and other consumer goods.

QI Group also owns QI Asset Management, a financial company with real estate investments, loan services, and credit. They also have partnered with Quest International University Perak to launch The V program to train individuals in multilevel marketing programs.

Vijay Eswaran has won awards for his work through QI Group and its charity group, RYTHM Foundation. He made Forbes Asia’s list of Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011, and their 50 Richest People list in 2013.

Eswaran’s spirituality and business principles are discussed in his 2005 book, In The Sphere of Silence. He’s also the author of In The Thinking Zone and On the Wings of Thought.

Equities First Providing Efficient Solutions to Businesses and Individuals

Equities First Holdings is dedicated to offering extraordinary solutions to new companies and high total assets individuals looking for non-reason capital. The company’s products are made to successfully supply liquidity at engaging terms through a protected and clear process. The stand-out route in guaranteeing non-reason financing has achieved more than 625 transactions so far with the verifiable technique of funding and offering clients a minimal cost interest capital. The alternative lending methods come with better terms as contrasted to traditional lending services.

Equities First does operations worldwide with working facilities situated in no less than 9 locales including Perth, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Bangkok. The company utilizes common stock shares as security to give its clients with urgent loans which comes with fixed interest rates. Building up of organizations is testing and then again, getting the required funding is not automatic. Lion’s share of businessmen will reveal to you that when beginning a business it turns out to be difficult to get a firm or individual to fund your business.

Sufficient working capital is a key portion of any association’s financial prosperity, and not having sufficient working capital can highly influence the possible destiny of your business. Various associations apply for outside financing enabling them to have adequate cash with a specific end goal to fulfill their development plans. Securing a loan enables your company to sort out short-term financing needs while providing your enterprise with the money it needs for development. More so, the acquired cash can be used to deal with any short comings to help the association meet its financing responsibilities. Some current reviews showed that working capital is the key purpose most of small enterprises acquire financing. What’s more, that is the place Equities First provision comes in catering the gap with the clients having the chance to get non-reason loan which depends on shares. The sort of funding may in like manner allow your association to explore new open entryways that arise and original source.